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Security Force provides a wide range of home security services for Tallahassee properties. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, contact us. We will be happy to answer any of your service questions.

Florida Certified # EC13004813 Georgia Certified # EN008784


Security & Safety

Protecting your home and business and the people there has never been simpler. Our comprehensive, sophisticated security solutions keep what matters most to you safe and secure.

  • Detect, deter, and alert of intruders
  • Report medical emergencies and provide healthcare through monitoring
  • Detect and defend against the dangers of fire
  • Detect and alert of unsafe carbon monoxide levels
  • Guard your property against theft
  • Protect your assets from smoke and fire damage
  • Guard against water damage
  • Monitor temperatures and alert when they are outside acceptable range
  • Enhance security and provide peace of mind with video monitoring and surveillance
  • Control, schedule, and monitor access to your property

Lighting Control

  • Deter criminals and increase safety with exterior lighting
  • Use lighting schedules to make your home or business look occupied while away


A full featured audio software interface and innovative lighting solutions can create the perfect mood for any activity. Whether entertaining guests or enjoying a relaxing evening, you create the perfect atmosphere.

  • Distributed Audio Software Interface
  • Create lighting scenes for parties, watching movies, relaxing and more

Energy Management

Reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort.
  • Control heating/cooling by schedule or occupancy
  • Reduce airflow to unoccupied rooms


  • Automate lighting to minimize unnecessary usage
  • Control lighting based on occupancy or daily schedules

Vacation Settings

Maximize the efficiency of your home while on vacation.
  • Adjust thermostat set points automatically
  • Turn off water heater and other electric devices that will not be used
  • Increase security with conservative light schedule to create "lived in look" while still saving energy

Staying in Touch

A variety of options to control your system onsite or remotely. Systems can provide you notification of important events via phone, email or text message. Check the status of:

  • Security/safety of people and premises
  • Critical temperatures
  • Water leaks
  • Visitors/deliveries/children/service personnel

Tallahassee Security System Monitoring, Fire Alarm Monitoring, CCTV Camera Surveillance and 24 hour Elderly Emergency Response Services

24 hour Emergency Response Services For The Elderly: Through our partnership with Instant Care, we can offer a response service independent from our security systems. Instant Care services are designed for medical response needs of the elderly. Emergency EMS and 24 hour nurse medical support are extremely important features of this system.

Security System Monitoring: Essentially this is burglar alarm system monitoring, which is a service that we provide to many satisfied, secure comercial and residential customers. In Tallahassee, burglar alarms should be monitored constantly by a vigilant, reputable company, that is why Security Force's reputation has helped make us the most effective security system monitoring service in and around Tallahassee and throughout Southern Georgia. When you use Security Force, the Tallahassee security experts, you can have peace of mind, knowing your loved ones and possessions are safe, secure and completely monitored at all times.

Fire Alarm Monitoring: Security Force tests, inspects, maintains and monitors fire alarm systems for many commercial customers in Tallahassee and Southern Georgia. There is no bigger danger to a business than a fire, which, if unchecked, can be a catastrophe to a company, its ownership and its employees. With Security Force on the job, we'll make sure that your system functions properly, works when it needs to, and that it is constantly monitored so in the event that a fire should occur, it can be stopped as soon as possible before it's too late.

CCTV Camera Surveillance: Security Force sets up closed circuit television monitoring systems (CCTV) for residences and businesses. We employ the system so you can monitor the home or office from at any time, and we also back the system up with digital recorders so you can save weeks of footage for review of what has happened in your home or business.